Topologist, inventor of the popular Somerville Bowline cuff, has taught and performed at a variety of venues across the country, including Shibaricon, Rope Camp, Bound in Boston, DO: Surrender, KinkFest, the SF Citadel, DomCon, Northern Exposure, the Society CT, Jaded, and Supperclub. He was recognized in 2010 as the Dark Odyssey Winter Fire Featured Artist for his bondage photography, and currently resides in San Francisco, where he now hosts the founding chapter of Rope Bite.


Suspension Rescue and Self-Rescue: So you know how to suspend. But if something goes wrong, do you know how to handle it? On the floor, almost every emergency can be solved with a pair of safety shears. In the air, cutting ropes is rarely the best solution. This class will provide you with an opportunity to participate in guided simulations of various suspension emergencies and practice safely extricating your bottom. We'll discuss how to prepare for emergencies, but also what to do when caught unprepared. Bottoms will also be encouraged to learn to safely extricate themselves if their top is incapacitated, and given a chance to practice doing so.

Please bring: Everything needed for a normal suspension, plus an extra carabiner and one 30' synthetic rope at least 1/4" diameter, preferably nylon. ALL PARTICIPATING TOPS MUST BE ABLE TO QUICKLY EXECUTE A SAFE AND COMFORTABLE FACE-UP SUSPENSION WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.

All the Bondage You Need for Hot Bedroom Scenes: Learning to tie is a journey that can last a lifetime. But if that's not the journey you're on, a few quick ties can provide all the hot, restrained bedroom play you're ever likely to need. This class is about how to incorporate rope into your sex life without months of practice and training. We will cover a single easy column tie, and explore how to use it in different combinations and positions to facilitate various types of play.

Please bring: Four 20'+ lengths of rope

The Second Column: The first thing most of us learn in rope classes is how to perform a single column tie – allowing you to take one limb, and attach a line to it that can be tied off to something. The next topic is often two-column ties; how to attach two limbs together that are already touching, or close to touching.

Those two techniques cover a very wide swath of the situations encountered in general bedroom bondage. However, there is a third common situation that receives a lot less attention – what happens when you've got a single column around a limb, and then want to attach it to another limb that is NOT adjacent? And what if that first limb you've got is being held up by the line, or at the limit of its flexibility, or jerking about trying to get away from you? Normal one- and two-column ties tend not to serve well in this type of scenario; in this class we'll cover several special-purposes column ties for just that purpose.

Please bring: Two 25-35' lengths of rope. Those attending as tops should be proficient with standard single-column ties.

A Karada for Every Occasion: Karadas, rope dresses, decorative body harnesses -- whatever you want to call them, this category of ties is one of the most popular starting points in rope, and for good reason: they are easy to learn, pleasing to behold, and are as comfortable for extended wear as they are unintimidating to first-time bottoms. But Karadas also have amazing versatility; beyond being decorative, they can be made restrictive, used for pain or pleasure, even suspension. This class will focus on a variety of designs suitable for beginners, while also touching on some of those hidden depths.

Please bring: 50' of rope in one or two lengths