Suzanne SxySadist

Suzanne SxySadist is a lifestyle switch, professional dominant and BDSM/kink educator with over a decade of experience in the public scene. She is passionate about her personal thirst for knowledge and growth in the lifestyle and has a wide variety of interests. Some of her scene specialties and passions include bondage in its many forms; percussion/impact play, especially single-tails and cane; breath play; needles; knives; and sensual sadism in all its glory. Some of her other fields of expertise include sexual healing & energy work, conscious breathing techniques, Taoist erotic massage for men & women, and she is a Body Electric-trained Sacred Intimate. Her favorite scenes are always ones that include a spiritual connection and deep sense of shared erotic energy between partners. More info on her can be found on her web site at


Binding the Jewels

The male genitalia lends itself beautifully to many types of bondage and it is a wonderful way to remind him that YOU are totally in charge! In this 101 class we will briefly explore some basic safety info followed by a hands on workshop of some of my favorite cock & ball bondage ties. Please bring a subject to work on and ~20ft (6m) of fairly thin rope, cord or twine. (paracord is ideal) This is a really fun class!

Adaptable bondage

Not all bondage bottoms are flexible and petite Shibari models. Many of us have injuries or flexibility issues, such as not being able to have our hands meet behind the back. I also enjoy using adaptive ties that can be quickly and easily transitioned from one position to another, to alleviate cramping and or boredom. In this class/demo I will show you some of the ways that I have learned to adapt and transition ties to accommodate people of different abilities, fitness levels and sizes.

Diamond Harness and Other Gems

Diamond Karadas are beautiful and quite functional! They can let the bottom feel delightfully surrounded in rope and yet not restrict movement and they can quickly be used as a way to lash a bottom down completely to a table, bed or post. This hands-on class will teach both knotted and knotless versions and other variations time permitting.

Joys of Flying Low

Suspension is suspension whether you are 2 inches, 2 feet or 20 feet off the ground. Yes, sometimes added height can be an advantage for certain types of play or for "showy" or performance art scenes, but I have discovered some of my sexiest and most intimate suspension play can happen when my partner is barely off the floor. I love to slide in underneath them and lounge on my back while my partner is hanging there just above me barely a breathy kiss distance away as I run my nails across his / her body. Ahhh yes, there is much that can be said and relished about low to the ground suspension work, and this is also a great way to get a feel for and experience with suspension while minimizing risks associated with falls from higher altitudes.

In this hands-on class we will explore some ways to play with partial and full suspensions that are close to the ground. To participate, riggers need to be at least able to tie a thickly banded, non-tightening chest harness on your own. Please bring at least six 30ft (9m) lengths of rope (hemp or jute preferred), a partner if you have one, and a pillow, blanket or yoga mat if you are able as we will ALL be on the floor for at least part of this class. If you are single looking to tie or be tied come on down and I will give you an opportunity to pair up for practice purposes.