Midori is sexuality educator, author and artist based in San Francisco, she's made an improbable career out of being the traveling coach on the art of creative and sensual living.
Midori founded Rope Bondage Dojo in 2001 with the objective of creating an immersive environment for all rope lovers to learn, grow and excel in all aspects of rope play and pleasure.
Rope has been an intimate and creative part of Midori's life. As a child growing up in Japan, she delighted in rag ropes as farmers of old used to. She used string and cord to make various arts and crafts. She watched Edo-period drama, movies and kabuki theater with fascination - with excessive focus on the part where the villains or heroes were captured and bound. As a young adult in the late 80's she clumsily explored the pleasures of rope and sex. Then in the early 90's she finally located masterful teachers, including Mr. Takeshi Nagaike, Ms. Kaye Buckley, Wolf and Lou Duff, whose tutelage and guidance she delighted in and excelled under. In the mid 90's she took her turn to teach, and continues to this day. Her passion for rope extends to aesthetics, art, sex, intimacy, philosophy, personal growth and the search of authentic connection and being.



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