Meekle is primarily a dominant rope top and sadist. His main focus is using rope to create an intense and intimate connection between himself, his bottom, and on occasion, their audience. Meekle first began practicing rope bondage while on a vacation in Tokyo and has traveled to Japan multiple times to study privately with Osada Steve and Hajime Kinoko. An international presenter and performer, Meekle is delighted to be returning to Rope Camp this year as a presenter and is eager to enable you on your own rope path in any way that he can.



Beginners' Workshop: Things You Can't Learn From A Book: Approaching Japanese rope bondage as an co-operative process and tactile experience first and foremost, this class focuses on the things you can’t learn from a book (or online), and attempts to provide beginning tops and bottoms with the tools necessary to craft fulfilling scenes. Using just a few simple ties, Meekle will guide tops in effective application of pressure and tension, safer positioning of rope, and techniques to make the tying process more efficient, intense, and intimate. Rica will teach bottoms how to differentiate between the types of pain, preparing for the scene mentally and physically, communicating effectively throughout, and processing the scene afterwards.

Please note: this is a very physical and intimate form of rope bondage; if you have any doubts about your ability to participate or comfort level, please see one of the instructors beforehand. Please bring: Ground covering- we will be sitting and/or laying on the ground; a set of 3-4 natural fiber ropes, 4.5-6mm, 24-35 feet long each; a willingness to participate and to be in close physical contact with your partner

Untying for Effect: the scene's not half over: You can create just as great an effect on your partner while untying them as you can while tying them up. Without having to worry about proper placement of rope, you have an often overlooked opportunity to create an experience for the bottom. The process can be intense or sensual, quick or drawn out to take longer to complete than the original tie took to tie. We will cover ways to control the pacing, flow, and tension during the untying process for maximum impact. After all- it's the last impression you make during a scene, it might as well be a good one.

Please bring: something to sit/lay on (yoga mat/towel/blanket/etc); at least 3-4 lengths of natural fiber rope, 4.5-8mm, at least 26 feet in length; A willingness to be in close physical contact with your partner