Lolita Wolf

Lolita Wolf discovered the BDSM scene back in the late 80's when online meant being on the phone sex lines. She is an activist who defends the sexual freedom for all consenting adults, spreads the word about BDSM, sex and poly, and helps the community grow and flourish. Yet, her goal remains "to have fun." Lolita has taught for organizations and events across the country. Well-known for a fun and entertaining style, she packs a lot of information into a short class. Lolita is an Emeritus Board Member of both TES and LLC. She is a former Chair of LSM, an honorary member of GMSMA and an Associate Member of NYboL. She is active with NCSF and Leather Pride Night. She has authored two books : Spanking and CBT in a Nutshell, appears in The Details of Flogging DVD and wrote a chapter in Tristan Taormino's Ultimate Guide To Kink. Recently, she was featured in the New York Times One in 8 Million series. Her website can be found here.


Popping That Suspension Cherry

You've mastered the fundamentals of rope bondage, right? You have, haven't you? Because if you want to suspend someone with rope, you really need to know the basics. This class is open to everybody who is interested, but geared to those who are ready to try their first suspension, i.e., I'm not teaching how to tie a square knot. The class will cover horizontal single point and multipoint suspensions, both face up and face down. There will be a heavy emphasis on safety.

A Biased Guide to Attending BDSM Events

Looking to meet people, learn from experts, shop, play or just relax? No matter what your goals are, preparing beforehand and planning how to tackle the event once you are there will help maximize your experience. Lolita is a veteran traveler to BDSM events and will share lots of basic survival tips as well techniques for treating yourself (or someone else) like royalty.

Hands-On Rope Harnesses

This class will cover a variety of body harnesses that are pretty as well as practical. These bondage techniques will work for all types of bodies and many different types of scenes. Each person should bring two 30ft (9m) lengths of rope with you. In this class you will learn safely, in a hands-on manner. Bring a partner or find a match at the class!