Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is a passionate spiritual and erotic educator, gender explorer, eclectic artist and published author and editor on human sexuality and spiritual experience. He is a nice guy with a disarmingly down to earth approach to the fact that we are each beautifully complex ecosystems, and we deserve to examine the human experience from that lens. He’s been traveling the globe (from Seattle to Sydney, Berlin to Boston), teaching and talking about sexuality, psychology, faith, desire and more, and has no intention to stop any time soon. Along the way he has been a brainy academic, a female adult film performer, a world class sexual adventurer, an outspoken philosopher, a long-time sexuality and faith blogger (since 1998), a spirit worker and priest, and an award-winning author and artist.


Erotic Macrame

Imagine the human body as your canvas, and rope as your paints… let’s create art! From body harnesses to creative chest harnesses, rope corsets to beautifully applied crotch ropes and rump bindings, we’ll look into some ways to turn yourself or your partner into a sight to be seen. We will also look at ways to accent and add decorative details to other forms of rope bondage. Bring at least 2 pieces of rope, 25+ft (7.5+m) in length, for hands on exploration, though limited supplies will be available to borrow from the instructor.

Asymmetrical Bondage

The human eye is drawn to the triangle, the thing that is out of place, the imbalance in life. Asymmetrical bondage is not just aesthetically pleasing, but a sexually and sensually pleasing practice that puts us out of balance, reminding us where balance really is important. We will address key ways to bring asymmetry into our scenes, from disproportionate bindings to being forced to balance on one leg, lop-sided ties and punishments to ties that pull in reversed directions. Body stresses, imbalanced desires, and how to pull it all together will be of major import, as well as asking how we can not make it look stupid. Bring at least one 25+ft (7.5+m) piece of rope for hands on opportunities in class, though limited supplies will be available to borrow.