Feral Minette

After growing up in the buffer zone of northwest Indiana & visiting the city extensively, Feral Minette has spent the last 7 years living in Chicago & participating in the local BDSM community. She identifies as a switchy hedonist. Mindfucks are her favorite game, often including mischievous and/or unusual elements, though petplay & service are also favored pastimes. A bubbly ball of energy, Feral is a well-rounded individual who loves sharing her passions with folks who can appreciate them (and occasionally those who don't).


Shibari for Petplay

So you or your lover like to play as an animal? Great! In this class, we'll discuss different ways in which to reach animal headspace by using rope bondage. From ornamentation to dehumanization, there's a ton of things to do with rope — without the need to buy pricey accessories that have only a single use (think cuffs, bit gag, etc.). Intermediate skills preferred, bring a variety of rope & cord.


Have you ever found yourself at an event or party, desiring nothing more than to fly for a while, but alas — you can find no rope top to fit the bill! What now?? Why, you can do it yourself, of course! Here I'll show you how to safely put yourself up in the air. Must have intermediate rope skills and at least 50ft (15.5m) of rope.

Rope Bondage for Meditation

Have you ever found yourself feeling as though you were in a trance during rope bondage scenes? You're certainly not alone — many people report reaching states of tranquility & epiphany during play time, which can be surprising if one is not prepared to enter such states. Here we will discuss how different physical positions can be utilized to bring about different states of mind. Basic rope skills are needed, bring a couple of lengths of rope to experiment with if time allows.


They say that life is made up of the little things; how right they are! Amazing how little it takes to raptly focus one's attention on certain parts, given the proper motivation. Here we will focus on binding the tiny bits of the body: digits, nipples, genitals — all the nice delicate parts, from nice to not so nice. Basic rope skills required; bring cord, twine, and/or whatever other thin string you may have available.