David Masterson

David has been involved in the public BDSM community for 15 years and the leather community for 14. He has held the following leather titles: Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2000, Mr. Great Plains Olympus 2005 and Mr. Olympus Leather International 2006 as well as being the 1st Openly Identified Heterosexual to compete at International Mr. Leather in 2000. He has written over 77 articles for The Leather Journal, The Leather Page, Fetbot, The Dominant's View and The Leather Web. In 2002, David was awarded a Pantheon Award for Community Service in the South Central Region. David has held many posts throughout his years: board member, fundraiser and leather contest producer for local, regional and national organizations. He is an avid rope enthusiast with a passion for Kinbaku and is a student of Osada Steve with over 50 hours of private instructional time in Tokyo, Japan. In addition he has recently begun instructor training in Osada Ryu. He has also been instructed by Yukimura Haruki,  Mark Yu and has been mentored by Numinous. David has worked with the following photographers: Dirk Hooper, Sugiura Norio, Barelight and Anthelian.


Objectification and Rope

Objectification and rope can be seen as activities that are not dynamic, and have very little activity when it comes to play and power exchange. However, they are both dynamic activities that deserve deeper exploration, considering that they both have the potential for extreme power exchange dynamism during play. Through complete or absolute restriction of movement, intellect, status and freedom, an individual can project their perceptions, ideas and fantasies onto willing and consenting individuals. This class will cover three different approaches (sexual, artistic, and utilitarian/practical). This class is geared towards all experience levels (beginning to intermediate). The techniques covered are basic, the concepts discussed will range from beginning to intermediate. Attendees will need three to four pieces of rope 25-30ft (7.5-9m) in length.

Kata Ashi Tsuri


Head, Hair and Face Ties

Binding the head, hair and face can enhance a bondage experience and the power exchange dynamic in scenes and photo shoots. The objective of this course is to tie one head harness, one hair tie and one rope gag. There will be a demonstration and a discussion of these techniques as well. Please bring 3 to 4 pieces of either parachute cord or rope that is not stiff with a length of 25-30ft (7.5-9m) and ¼in (6mm) or less in width.

Hojo Hishi