BossBondage is the founder and president of The West Coast Assholes, an edge players advocacy group that focuses on edge-ucation within the community. He also served His community for two years as the vice president of the Portland Leather Alliance. Boss received mainstream attention, working as the bondage consultant on the music video for def jam recording artists Electrik Red. Born from His love of hemp bondage rope, He started in 2002, where He produces His own line of Hemp and Jute rope. Boss became a body piercer in 1995, and spent 3 years working full time as a body piercer and currently operates which sells play piercing kits and supplies. Boss does not get too tied down to titles and just considers Himself to be a bondage artist, through intensive performance of bondage, in particular suspensions, He has developed a unique style. Boss makes His living full time as a BDSM educator and has taught at countless events throughout America as well as Canada and Europe. Boss is a sponsor of Octroperfest 2012, where he has taught at all 4 years of the event. Boss is also a sponsor of Shibaricon 2013 and will be returning for his sixth year in a row as an instructor.


Hillbilly Hojojutsu

Hojojutsu is the decades-old traditional Japanese martial art of capturing and restraining a person with rope. A hillbilly is a hard workin', salt of the earth person. The Modern Hillbilly is a true bohemian who is not constricted by what the mainstream considers acceptable. They live by their own rules and are truly a modern-day outlaw. Hillbilly Hojojutsu is the years-old non-traditional art of BossBondage; combining the tight rope and rough capture of hojojutsu with rough body play, takedowns and body control, and mixing them all up in a pot with the hillbilly arts which consist of ass-kickin', toe-torturin', face-slappin', throat-chokin' and foot-stompin', creating one mean and nasty tortorous experience not to soon be forgotten. Bring a piece o' rope or two with ya for the hands-on torturin'. 4mm (3/16in) is good, 7-15ft (2-5m) iffin ya got it, iffin ya don't stop by and talk to Boss before the class, He'll get ya set straight on rope, He's got some for sale.

Rope Torture; The way of the Sadist

For hundreds of years the world has given us stories and images of capture and torture with rope bondage. We in the BDSM lifestyle often play around with these images, these stories and these ties, and use them in our erotic life. But do we hold true to the original intent of rope bondage? Or do we dance around it? We see many images of erotic bondage today, but have we lost the connection to the torture of rope bondage that holds that dangerous appeal that attracted us to it to begin with? This class explores the theory of rope bondage as a scene unto itself, using rope in the way it has been intended for hundreds of years, as rough capture and restraint as well as a use for the application of pain to the body. We will discuss, demonstrate and practice using rope to create Pain to purify the body and the mind, creating catharsis. please bring some hemp/jute rope in 4mm-6mm (3/16-¼in) diameter for the hands on portion. Or stop by Boss's vending booth and pick some up.

Bondage manipulation: Bamboo, Fingers and Toes

You have someone tied up, now what? This class covers using your fingers, toes, and bamboo, to manipulate, maneuver, and inflict pain and pleasure on your bound subject. We also throw in a heavy dose of pressure point play for good measure. Boss will bring a few pieces of bamboo, but please bring some if you have it, from shorter pieces up to poles as long as 4ft (1.2m). Bring some rope for the hands on portion.

Dealing with Danger: safety measures of rope suspension

It has long been my thought that bondage is the most dangerous thing we do in BDSM. With rope suspension being among the most dangerous kind of bondage, so often in workshops we as teachers are forced to present a safety section shorter than we would like simply for the fact that we have so much material to deliver in a short time. This class focuses on how to lesson the risks of rope suspension and how to deal with the ones that we are unable to avoid, as well as what to do when the unexpected happens. This class will focus heavily on practical rope application.