Fellowship Fund

We are pleased to introduce you to our Fellowship program which lets us bring to our events members of the community who might not otherwise be able to be there. Each year, presenters and vendors donate items to our raffle. We sell tickets to the raffle and award the prizes on Saturday night at dinner. Last year, we raised enough at the raffle to bring someone to the event for free!

If you'd like to be considered to be the lucky recipient of this award, please check back as the form will be available here soon.

Also, if you'd like to donate to this Fund, you can do so in a couple of ways.

  • Buy raffle tickets!
    • We sell them in our registration system and also on-site.
    • You can get one ticket for $1 or for $10 you get a bust or inseam measurement's worth of tickets.
    • There are lots of great items to win.
    • All proceeds go to this Fund to bring people who might not otherwise be able to attend Rope Camp in 2014.
  • Donate directly to THE's Fellowship Fund through the following link:

Rigger/Photographer: Murphy Blue