New for 2012

  • Dates: Last year, we were lucky enough to have a relatively cool, unseasonable August week for our event. Normally, that time of year tends to be 90-100 degrees every day in Maryland. For 2012, we've decided not to push our luck. We've moved to the end of September in search of more reliably comfortable weather. Sure, it can be chilly at night this time of year, but we can easily heat the Playspace. And last year this same weekend was warm. In fact, the pool was still open. So you never know.
  • Leisurely pack-out: One delightful consequence of our date move is that we don't have to be off-site by 11 am, like we did last year. Instead, we have till 2 pm. So stay up late Saturday, play and have fun, and then sleep in on Sunday, get up late for a nice brunch, and pack out in the early afternoon. Luxury!
  • Presenters: We're pleased to announce that we're bringing back many of your favorite presenters from last year. In addition, our lineup will include some new faces. Check our workshops page for updates as they become available.
  • Fires: Last year's Meet & Greet fire was so popular that we're going to have fires each night at our lovely fire pit near our comfy pavilion. Bring your play there, if you like.
  • Equipment: We are in the midst of acquiring all of our own equipment for the event. No longer will we have any of the rickety, borrowed frames we had last year in our playspace. Instead, you'll find safe, sturdy, artisan-built equipment in a variety of shapes and sizes. We know you'll be as pleased as we are with the changes.
  • Privacy: New to our events this year is a space devoted to "private" liaisons. At Rope Camp, this is a cabin with two rooms. Each room is available for brief assignations on a first-come, first-served basis. All we ask is that you keep your time in these spaces brief in deference to those who might be waiting for them and that you bring your own bedding and clean up after yourselves when you're done. (Please don't try to sleep in these cabins. We *will* toss you out of them!)
  • Vending: The merchants have been moved to a better, more central location, with indoor spaces being truly indoors.
  • Bathrooms: The site has undergone a massive renovation, and we're told that most of the bathrooms on site will have been updated for this season.

Photo courtesy Lee Harrington