Staff Code of Conduct
At THE, we feel that our staff is the face of the organization, and we ask that the staff act with a modicum of decorum at our events. Being on staff is fun and lets many people attend the events who wouldn't be able to be there otherwise, and our Code of Conduct is meant to provide reasonable boundaries for all of us to be able to continue to do so for many years to come.
  • I acknowledge that I have read all of the event rules for this event and will respect them and model them for the attendees at the event.
  • I am aware that it is my responsibility to register for the event by the deadline I am given. If I fail to do so, I promise to pay a late fee.
  • I promise to arrive on-site on the day I am requested to be there, not early or late, and to be settled in and ready to work at the time I've been assigned to begin.
  • I will check my email at least weekly and respond as necessary.
  • As a member of the staffing team, I will do my utmost to attend meetings online and in person as requested and to be on time when doing so.
  • I understand that, as part of the face of the organization, being publicly intoxicated is embarrassing to THE and the rest of my team, thus I promise to be moderate in my intake of alcohol. Furthermore, I will not partake of alcohol before or during my work shifts.
  • I also understand that, if I am a department head, and I do partake of alcohol, I will designate a second in command to take over from me and communicate who that is to the coordination team
  • As an attendee of the events as well as a member of the staff, I promise to wear my name badge whenever I'm in public at the event.
  • I understand that, while on duty, my obligation is to my assigned responsibilities first, and that I will not allow any personal relationship, including those of a romantic or D/s nature, to interfere with the timely execution of my duties.
I understand that, if I break my word on any or all of this code, I may be subject to discipline ranging from a reprimand to dismissal from the staff and ejection from the event.
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