Puck & Serbrew

PicPuck and Serbrew have spent the last 15 years enjoying good food and drink, and sharing their discoveries with others.


Chocolate Ritual and Tasting (this will be held twice during the event): Once again, Puck and Serbrew invite you to enjoy a sensual feast of chocolate melting on fingers, skin, and tongues; of taste buds and noses enraptured by mingled flavors and aromas; of silliness and joy, reverence and mirth. We will present the famous Chocolate Ritual, followed by a chocolate tasting session. The ritual is a lighthearted parody of Wiccan rites, and will set the stage for the tasting to follow. The only rule for the chocolate tasting is: Someone else has to feed you. Bring a partner -- or two, or three! -- or be willing to pair up. How you feed chocolate to others is up to you. Be creative and bring your sense of adventure! You'll have at least 4 different chocolates to share with your partner(s). Although the emphasis will be on dark chocolate, high-quality milk and white chocolate may also be included. And since wine and chocolate complement each other, we encourage you to bring your own wine or mead -- but be prepared to share! Limited to 20 participants (please sign up at HQ). $10 fee requested. Restricted to 21 and over.

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