Lord Percival

Lord Percival has been active in the scene, both in private and in public, for almost 40 years. While many of us know him for his mastery of rope, he also has an extensive knowledge of many other areas of play, including but not limited to: take-downs, breath play, caning, whips, electricity, knives, and mental bondage. Education is a particular passion of Percy's.

He has been a teacher, lecturer, mentor, and trainer in the scene for almost a quarter century. Currently he is on the Board of NELA (New England Leather Alliance) and is the Deputy Con Chair for the Fetish Fair Fleamarket.


Flying on the Floor: If you can’t make them fly on the floor, adding suspension might not make them fly in the air. Learn how to help your floor-work become much more than simple prep for a suspension. Some different styles and intents focused on, to increase your skill-set, and all the partnered people’s pleasure in rope. This class is mostly focused on existing partners, not pick-up partners, while the same skills can be used in pick-up play, the skills in reading and negotiations for such to succeed are usually not part of this class1 , so please come to class with your partner or partners, and bring things that help you connect, be they candles, tactile things, totems of your relationship, flowers, or what-have you. Please wear clothing that is both comfortable to move in, and nice on your skin. Also please bring something you would want between you and the floor, for your comfort. A blindfold might also be nice, to help with the connection. Depending on the skill of the rope-top, two blindfolds might be a nice touch. Bring with: Rope, candles (if the site allows), something for between you and the floor

Rope as Connection: Connecting with your partner or partners is sexy! Using rope to do so can be even more so. Connection is one of the basic building blocks of a good relationship. This hands-on class explores several techniques to help build and improve connections between partners using rope, so bringing the person or people you are in a pre-existing partnership with, is a good idea. Bring with: Rope

Flirting: Are you baffled by flirting? Don’t know where to start? Flirting, like any skill, can be learned and gets better with practice. This class will discuss the basics of the language of flirting. Even if you feel awkward in social situations, you can learn to be open, inviting and even charming in your interactions, and have fun while you’re at it! Gain confidence in interacting with possible romantic partners and others!

Dancing the Maypole: Learn a traditional Maypole dance! When you take ribbon in hand and dance around the pole, you will know when to move and where to put your feet.


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