Luna Bear

I am a self-taught solitary practitioner for over 30 years. I am not bound to any one tradition but have participated in many rituals over the years both large and small of various traditions including: Gardnerian, Druidic, CAW, Blue Star, and Wiccan. I have written and lead many rituals for groups of 6 to 100 people, including an Ostara Ritual for the UU congregants last year. My studies include the cultivation and use of many types of herbs for magic and healing; tarot reading; and astrology.


Planting the Seeds of Bounty: During this time of the year we make plans, turn the earth, add manure and compost, plant the seeds and wait for the garden to grow. We will create a sacred space and provide a way for the Goddess and her Consort to be present with us, we will honor her and ask for their blessings of bounty for the coming year. Bounty in our lives can manifest in many forms; a new relationship, a new life, a new job, better health, more travel, the end is limitless. Together we will form an intent to create bounty in our lives in whatever way you desire. No materials are required although we will set-up a temporary alter space for the ritual and everyone is welcome to place objects on the alter space for the duration of the ritual.

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