Capt. Gordon

Capt.Gordon is a professional body modification artist who has been an active participant in the BDSM community for the last nine years. He does occasional photography and artwork, travels, and has taught at various events such as Black Rose, Dark Odyssey, Free Spirit Alliance Beltane, Fires of Venus, Floating World ,Fetfest, and Suspend DC (to name a few). He is also an active participant in and Ambassador of the Sacred Mark Sanctuary.

As a group and on an individual basis he offers: ritual and ceremonial facilitation, ritual tattooing, piercing, cutting and branding, body transformation weekends, healing arts, ritual art and theater, body play, fire performance, and ordeal facilitation. He also gives various educational workshops on safe blood play, flesh hook facilitation (both safety and technique), piercing art, fire play, extreme vs.edge play , sensual take-down, and more. The unique combination of years of wrestling, martial arts, and good, wholesome take-down fun in the BDSM community has inspired the Capt. to spread this approach to others. Other interests include D/s dynamics, heavy impact play,knife ,needle play as well as fire play, rope bondage, suspension(both hook and rope), and sacred sexuality. Working in these extreme realms has allowed him to explore many boundaries for himself as well as many others in the community.


Sacred Body Mod: There is beauty and power in intentionally changing the way one is perceived or seen. Gordon is known for creating and engaging in personal transformation through various forms of changing perceptions of the self, and can share professional experiences with various forms of temporary, long term, and permanent sacred body modifications. A great workshop/discussion for people who are considering
some form of modification, people who have modified their body in some way, or
those who are interested in the practice.

What's the Point? Play-Piercing Ritual: (Limited to 20 participants, unlimited support people.) We have been trained from birth to seek comfort and prevent harm from coming to our bodies; but when we do so, we miss the opportunity to use our bodies to take our spirits to another place. What’s the Point? Allows us to explore a new relationship with our bodies. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to receive one small temporary piercing as part of a short ritual of self-exploration.

Artist's Scene: Are you tired of the same old tie-‘em-up-and-flog-‘em routine? Take your play scenes from the merely mundane to the heights of artistic fantasy. We will discuss the basics of building an artist’s scene—story line, costuming, props, improvisation—for play that can be beautiful, theatrical, ritual, fearsome, or even silly. Bring your crazy ideas, costumes, or props. By the end of this workshop, we’ll have created a scene that brings out your inner artist.

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