Denise "Dirty Mother" Cumor & Stargazer

PicDenise “Dirty Mother” Cumor has dedicated most of her adult life to empowering women and men in the arts and history of sacred sexuality. Growing up in our patriarchal culture where women are objectified, sexually abused, and shamed for their acts of sexual exploration, she found herself being pushed under and so began to reclaim her sexuality and to help other people do the same. Identifying as a Pagan and learning to embody the Goddess in all her forms has given her the confidence to build on this reclamation.

Experiences that have strengthened her commitment: working as a stripper for 4 years on Baltimore's infamous 'Block;' teaching OB-GYN protocol to medical students with Johns Hopkins; selling adult novelties with Athena's Home Novelties; directing and acting in various productions of the Vagina Monologues; being a part of the Spiral Dance Womyn's Center, where she taught sex workshops. Vending and educating, for over six years, in the mid-Atlantic Pagan community with her version of The Red Tent and coordinating the “adult only” Inner Sanctum at Blue Ridge Beltane for five years running. She has been making music for over 20 years; her current musical project is Red Wound.

Stargazer is an eclectic pagan, enjoying world cultures and belief systems through an all-accepting viewpoint of the world with very few exceptions. In line with her modis operandi of spirituality, she has been involved in many festivals in the kink, fetish, BDSM, burner and pagan communities in roles ranging from co-Keeper of Air (Fires of Venus) to Cook (Primal Arts Tribe) to set up and tear-down or condom fairy (just the condom, not the reason to need one) at THE Beltane, and even hoop and poi instructor (Playa Del Fuego). She is looking forward to sharing her freedom of expression with you in the capacity of facilitator and host in both the Red Tent and Sexperiments areas of THE Beltane this year.


Living Goddess Casting Ritual [Part I and II]: This workshop will be a beautiful, artistic and spiritual expression of the divine female form.

Part I [Friday]
As a group we will spend the first part of the workshop working together to create a casting of one womyns body. Our hands together forming the many layers of the casting, honoring and aligning ourselves to the Goddess made flesh. As we form the casting each participant will also be given the opportunity to make a small effigy of the female form in clay, that will be placed under the community ritual fire, to burn Saturday evening. The casting will be placed on the altar in the Red Tent to be honored and admired as it dries.

Part II [Saturday]
Once the cast has fully dried, the second part of the workshop will include participants writing prayers, painting and adorning our living goddess casting. As we share with each other the stories and prayers that we bestow into our Goddess effigy, we will manifest her beauty and power as she comes to life in our hands. We shall then replace her on the Red Tent altar for all of the community to honor.

Awakening the Serpent: The Art of Erotic Dance : This workshop will explore erotic dance through various exercises created to awaken shakti, the feminine energy dwelling in all. Dancers will learn how to invoke and embody the Goddess through sensual movements, ecstatic dance and divine connection. We will also take some time in this workshop to dedicate and prepare our hearts, yonis and lingams for the ritual fire. Please wear garments that make you feel sensual. Scarves, veils and props are welcomed and encouraged.

True Consent: Womyn, Submission and Self Love: We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the sacred kink community to dialogue and learn from each others experiences, to support and empower each other as womyn, and to create safe and sacred space to explore all forms of kink. The hot topic of true consent is a reoccurring issue that should always be openly addressed. Where is the line between what is healthy consent and empty verbal agreements? Between healing catharsis and cyclical abuse? How do we discover and identify our boundaries and know when to push them and when to hold them fortified. How do we identify healthy relationships and experiences? These questions are not so easily answered one way, the complexity and controversy surrounding consent is the very reason we must continually hold the discussion and as Pagan womyn honor the Goddess within ourselves by making our kink reflect our self love in all decisions we make.

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