PicDavid is a co-gendered, bisexual, polyamorous switch and sexual cosmonaut. I find deep pleasure in guiding others as they open themselves up and discover the exhilaration of a free and uninhibited sexuality. I love doing this, and have been presenting and teaching for over 10 years on a variety of subjects, including body image, touch, consent, techniques and toys, and lots of other fun things. My teaching finds me on the east coast at events such as Sacred Sexuality Beltane, Fires of Venus, Dark Odyssey, Queer Play Con, Transcending Boundaries, Rose & Thorn, VASE RACKshop and Translating Identity. I’ve ventured to Chicago for ALPSEC and San Francisco for Urban Tantra. I am certified as an Urban Tantra Professional, and incorporate breath and energy techniques deeply into my practice. I am also a certified Cuddle Party facilitator. I’m a teacher, guide, mentor and healer, have numerous publications in the social sciences and have also taught courses in deviancy, sexuality, anthropology and computing.


Reconnect your Pleasure Path: Our deepest inner selves are often a tangle of confusion and fear. Much of who we are as human beings is wrapped up in our sexuality, and in this place we can find a deep pleasure. For too many of us, however, that path to pleasure has come undone, whether by failed relationships, bad communication, or by abuse or neglect. It may be overt, tinged with violence, or it may be more covert and hidden. No matter how we look at it, a vital part of our individuality is broken.

This workshop draws on my experience with the work of Dr. Betty Martin. Here we will reintroduce the idea of pleasure and how we might truly learn to give and receive, take and accept. The workshop starts with a discussion of these concepts, and we then move into a series of careful, guided exercises that are designed to help us re-open this broken path. The process of reconnecting is not centered on sexuality, but the simple act of learning to receive and fully accept simple pleasure from ourselves and from others. None of the activities are sexual in nature. This workshop is about how we rediscover our ability to experience pleasure.

While this work is designed (and encouraged) for everyone, it may be particularly useful for survivors of abuse of any sort. We will deal with topics that may be challenging emotionally. There will be no late admittance after a 10 minute introduction. No participants will be required to do anything. Please bring, if you wish, a comfortable seating cushion, blanket or other ways to be as relaxed as possible.

Intimate Touch (21+): Touch is an essential part of our whole self. We experience, and need, touch from the moment we are born. As we mature, and discover our sexual self, touch becomes a way toward a deeper connection. Guided both by experience and socialization, touch is an often neglected but essential part of a whole life, our whole self. The problem is that when we "learn" touch in a sexual context, that same experience and socialization often becomes nearly dogmatic, an almost unconscious set of assumptions about how we touch, where we touch.

Here, we set aside the deeply learned mythologies of sexual touch and shift the focus to intimate touch. Participants are asked to step back from all they know and explore the sensation and meaning of touch that is centered on the rest of the body. When we do this, and leave the "usual spots" completely out of the equation, something magical happens. Not only do we experience our own and our partner's body differently, an entirely new set of physical, emotional and mental sensations arise.

Class participants are asked to arrive as partnered pairs for this class: this means one partner with one other partner only. Partners may be long-established intimates or newly formed pairs. There is no guarantee that a single person showing up will be able to participate, and no passive observation will be permitted. At the start of the workshop, any single individuals may voluntarily "pair up" or will have to leave. Class attendance is limited to active participants only. Loose, comfortable clothing, and any cushions or blankets you need to be very comfortable.

Cuddle Party!: Come rediscover wonderful ways to enjoy affection and touch in a non-sexual context. You'll learn to explore boundaries in ways you might not have before and have a lot of fun doing it. It's a great way to meet new people and discover things about yourself. Cuddle Party is a safe place to try something new, that might feel wonderful or might help you expand your own boundaries. You have complete control of this with a simple “yes” or “no,” which means you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. You'll learn how to ask for what you want clearly with no hemming and hawing! It's fun, it's easy. Bring pajamas (or other comfy, snuggly clothing) to change into, and a blanket and pillow.

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