Crysta Noel

Crysta is a healer, clinical herbalist and educator who is continually inspired by her own healing journey to help others. From the age of 18, she began studying with wise teachers from many traditions, including Lakota Blackfoot, breathwork, energy healing, various herbal medicine traditions and other forms of body-centered healing.

Through her own work and through working with others, she has come to a few conclusions. First, that the dark, scary places within –when approached with nonjudgmental observation and compassion – hold the key to our power, passion and self-love. Second, the mind~body~spirit is an inseparable continuum. Third, Life is an undulating and amazing alchemical brew, in which health & wellness can be achieved by nudging any point on this continuum. And finally, a few things are needed for a successful alchemical reaction; namely, a glob of intention, a dollop of willingness, a spritz of fortitude, a pinch of hope, a healthy dose of humor, and smidgen of magic.

Crysta specializes in working with a whole person to evoke positive and lasting change. She guides others to manifest their own personal transformations and physical well-being by nudging the body with herbs, and teaching how to retell personal life stories in a way which highlights that individual’s internal strengths, courage and wisdom. She graduates this June with a Master’s of Science in Herbal Medicine and is excited to share her knowledge as an offering to this very special community which has given her so much.


Herbal Aphrodisiacs and Other Stimulating Herbs (21+)
: Come learn about specific herbal aphrodisiacs, traditional lore, and some of what modern science understands of how each herb works to increase sexual pleasure or ease sexual anxiety. In addition, other stimulating herbal concoctions will be discussed which can add a new dimension to your sensual adventures. You will have the opportunity to try some aphrodisiac brews, and receive recipes and rituals that can be enjoyed with a lover or two or three...

How to be a Healthy Hedonist: What's a hedonist to do in a world where everything you have to do to survive can be done while sitting and tasty, cheap food is available 24/7? Answer: Learn how to increase pleasure and how all the things we have been told you "should" do (exercise, eat right, yada yada) specifically impact your sexual, mental, and emotional pleasure. I intend to provide hope to my fellow hedonists through a thoughtful discussion, incorporating both intellectual and emotional perspectives. I will also present various options to incrementally increase health through taste, sleep and movement, focusing mostly on spices which can decrease inflammation, and improve circulation and cardiovascular health (i.e. increasing sensitivity and blood flow to the right parts at the right time) and include lots of tasty ways to enjoy the pleasure of food without as much salt and sugar.

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