Christine Laplante

PicChristine Laplante travels frequently, speaking to a wide array of audiences. She has spoken at homes, colleges, spiritual festivals, sexuality venues, and corporate events.

Christine holds a number of academic degrees in performing arts and counseling with a concentration in sexuality, she is a published author on topics including sex education and relationship dynamics and has been interviewed by various publications including:, Maxim magazine and Christine is well known for her dynamic tele-training and live workshops.


Managing a Magical Relationship: Relationships are intense; add magic and focused energy and you have another avenue to communion with the Gods. This workshop will present information about how to connect with your magical partner(s) in order to harvest the energy created between you for energy raising and intent filled living. This workshop is not a sex-magic workshop, though it will be discussed as part of a relationship. Daily practice and utilization of partnered energy will be presented and explored.

Singing Through Sex: Oxygen aids in intensifying orgasm. Many people, when nearing orgasm will do two things...they will stop moving and they will stop breathing. This workshop is designed to teach you techniques to vocalize, increasing oxygen, during sexual encounters, creating beautiful harmonies with the energy of voice as well as body. This is a hands-on, solo or partnered, workshop. Toys are welcome. Bring something to lie on.

Surfing the Soul, Riding the Breath; Breathing for Bounty, Balance and Ecstasy: Our bodies hold energy centers throughout. Learning to access these energy centers can increase your connection with your life, aligning you with your Purpose and allowing you to live in your Passion. This workshop discusses Chakras, Breathing Techniques and energy awareness and includes a guided meditation to activate your energy centers. We will work with the body’s energy centers, and we will use energy raising techniques including movement, breath and more. This class addresses connection with others as well as self. Experiential methods will be used to demonstrate connection through breath and give you tools to bring home to the mirror and/or your partners.

Sacred Sexual "Contracts": When we enter into a relationship, we enter into a “contract,” whether we are aware or not. As with any contract, there may be fine print, misunderstanding of language, reading between the lines. How clear is your contract? With yourself? Others? Are you clear with your own sexual desires? Wants? Needs? Are you clear with your partners? How often do these fall to the wayside in the name of “sacrifice?” This class will explore individual sexuality and how it affects our interactions with others.

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