Beth & Preston

PicBeth’s passion is making a positive difference in people’s lives. For years she pursued this goal professionally as a massage therapist, doula (childbirth assistant), and Intrinsic Coach. Now her focus is on touching lives through workshops, writing, and individual mentoring, especially in areas of spiritual, sexual and relationship growth and healing. More recently she has found a vehicle, literally, that was an important part of her own healing, and she is working with Preston to build a business where they can share this tool with others.

Preston brings balance and humor to Beth’s presentations. Together they present from their own experience. After working with Beth through his own issues with erectile dysfunction, he supported Beth through breast cancer surgery, chemo, radiation and long term treatment with hormone suppressive drugs. More recently he has built a business around the Trikke carving vehicle that was Beth’s major tool in preparation and recovery from hip and knee replacement. Through these challenges as well as the normal life and communication process that leaves so many relationships with more bruises than a well-used sub, they have created workshops to help others navigate the twists and turns of sharing life with another. They delight in sharing their learning with others.


Intimate Connection: What is intimacy and how does it come into play when you connect with another? Whether you just met or have been together for decades, there are always unexplored vistas that can take you into greater intimacy and deeper connection, not only with your partner but, more importantly, with yourself.

Using combinations of verbal, tactile and energetic connection to move into deeper intimacy with our partner, we will alternate between sharing group learning and doing individual and/or partnered exercises to delve more deeply into the intimacy that defines your relationship. Our intent for this workshop is guide each of us to tap into our own best thinking to access our deepest knowing about ourselves and bring that to another in a totally safe and non-judgmental space.

While originally designed as a partnered workshop with the recommendation to come with a partner or partners with whom you can safely explore both your inner and outer landscape, allow them to explore theirs, and move together to share these sacred vistas with each other, all of the exercises support self-exploration without the need for a partner. Bring with you an open mind with a sincere desire to know yourself and your partner on a deeper, more intimate level. Though designed for partners, you are welcome to come explore on your own or trust the universe to provide a companion for your journey.

Creating Relationship: For many of us our dreams include, if not feature, a wonderful relationship. So we begin to focus on who the other person is and how they make the relationship complete. The other person may be someone we are already in relationship with or someone we dream of meeting.

Dreams do come true, but they don’t just happen. Come travel with us down the path of exploring the relationship you have with yourself and creating the relationship of your dreams.

This is not a couples workshop, though it is appropriate for couples who would like to see their relationship become more than it currently is. This is not a singles workshop, though it is appropriate for singles who wish to create a deep and loving relationship for themselves. It is a workshop for anyone who seeks more from relationship, whether platonic or romantic, casual or life-long.

You need bring nothing more to class with you than an open mind and the desire to create better relationship for yourself with those in your world.

Spiritual-Sexual Intimacy: Is sex the greatest intimacy you can achieve with another person? Is there a spiritual connection that is even hotter, deeper and more intimate? What happens when we combine the two? Can we reach even deeper levels of intimacy? Is it possible to incorporate both into our most intimate encounters?

In this participatory class we will explore tantric, energetic and sexual ways to deepen our connection and turn up the heat with our partner. We will begin with exercises to put you in touch with yourself and what makes you tick. Then we will turn our attention outward to our partner and the elements that stoke the fire between you. With this information in hand, we will explore some of the tools we use to create passion and practice putting them together in a brief encounter, all leading up to you exploring with your partner finding a deeper spiritual-sexual intimacy.

It is recommended that you come with a partner with whom you can be truly intimate, but you are also welcome to come and explore intimacy with yourself. Nudity is not required, though you may find it enhances your process. Intercourse is not specifically part of the class and is neither encouraged nor discouraged.

Joys of the Hands and Feet: Nothing is quite as relaxing as a really good foot massage, unless it’s a really good hand massage. The reason is simple: the hands and feet are mirrors of each other. While people who love feet enjoy massaging them as much as their partners enjoy receiving, not everyone likes to have their feet touched or likes touching feet. And even if feet are your thing, they are not always so easily accessible. Hands can be the perfect alternative, both therapeutically and sensually. As always, Beth and Preston marry his love of feet with her knowledge and skill at massage plus the little known secret that she loves hands. The twist in this class is that you get to choose hands or feet. We’ll start right out with hands on and incorporate techniques, comparisons and a bit of worship in this sensual touch workshop. Bring your favorite lotion, borrow one of ours, or practice massaging without oil. Discover the sensuality that can be complete relaxation for some while taking others into the depths of orgasm and bring sheer pleasure to both partners.


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