Ariana Lightningstorm

PicAriana Lightningstorm has been doing palmistry and tarot readings professionally for more than 30 years. She started learning palmistry at 14 years old. Her professional career began as a palmist at the MD Renaissance Festival and she has been helping people to find their way to a more joyful and fulfilled future ever since. She also does handwriting analysis and has often worked at the International Spy Museum as well as private parties and corporate events. Ariana has been teaching Palmistry for approximately 20 years. In the last 3 years Ariana has been a practicing Lipsologist. She is currently one of only 6 Certified Lipsologists in the world and the only one on the East Coast. What is Lipsology? Lipsology is the new and exciting art and science of Lip Print Reading - i.e. discovering personality characteristics, energy levels, and emotions through the interpretation of lip prints. It's based on lip-print characteristics such as size, shape, color intensity or lack of color, fullness, positioning and special markings. The lip prints are made by people putting on lipstick and then 'kissing' or pressing their lips to paper (or kiss cards).


Palmistry 101-102 Overview: 1st hour - Palmistry 101 - Ariana will show and teach you the basics so you can do a basic palm reading for yourself or others when we are done. We look at our own and each other's hands and have lots of fun learning what this fascinating part of our bodies can tell us about ourselves and each other. You will learn interpretation of shapes, skin texture, color of the hands, fingers, nails and thumb. You will also learn the basic lines and what mounts are. Ariana will also discuss approach to readings and ethics.

2nd hour - Palmistry 102 - In this hour we will go into detail on the lines and mounts and interpretation. We'll do some experiential work and start to read each other's hands, learn techniques of reading the palm as a whole and integrate the details to give helpful advice to others as well. Ariana will also discuss the business of readings at parties etc.

Partnership Palm Readings: In this class Ariana will teach you more advanced techniques of comparing personality traits and seeing common goals in the hands of the 2 (or more) people. She will also teach you how to see where the challenges are and how to give that information in a way that has the partners looking forward to working through those challenges. You must have some knowledge of palmistry or have attended one of Ariana’s other palmistry classes to join in on this one. Ariana will need volunteers to receive a reading as an example for the class and would LOVE a triad to read.

Lipsology™ The Art of Lip Print Reading - Discussion/Experience: In this Lecture/Experience Ariana will be explaining the basics of Lipsology™, doing lip print readings for some of the group and explaining what the meanings of the prints are, and discussing the history of Lipsology™ (how Jilly Eddy came up with it etc.). Ariana was certified by Lipsology™ founder, Jilly Eddy, after training with her for 6 months. This is just an overview and experience of getting your lip prints read. If you have lipstick, bring your own. Ariana will provide lipstick for those who do not have it.

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