Aiyanna Kateri & Aluria

Aiyanna: I am a massage therapist mostly working with many integrated modalities. My influence comes from dance, Reiki, yoga, Dynamic Body Balancing, cranial sacral therapy and crystal healing. I specialize in a bodywork technique to prevent complications during pregnancy and birth as well as relieve birth trauma. My passion is facilitating self healing journeys of discovery, awareness, joy and gratitude. I love to emphasize the play and wonderment of life on a foundation of conscious intention. I look forward to sharing with you all.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in

Aluria is an Integrative Movement Therapist, Movement Intuitive, and Infant Developmental Movement Educator. She holds a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Dance Movement Therapy, and is an advanced certified teacher of the embodiment experience through the traditional practices of Yoga, Pilates, Developmental Movement and Body-Mind Centering.

Aluria has been a student of movement and dance education for over 30 years. During the past eight years, she has studied extensively with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder of the School for Body-Mind Centering. Alisa has developed a focused approach to the embodiment process - from cellular transformation and awakening consciousness.

Aluria's technique in supporting and listening to the body is transmitted with a strong compassionate and loving emphasis on balancing the body’s natural expression of organic fluid rhythms, nervous system and glandular chakra tone, and muscular skeletal structural alignment. Her passion for movement has led her to create, develop and channel a new paradigm of embodied dance movement exploration called BodyDance, inspired by the tantra love-light.

In her teaching, her presence provides the space and safety for inquiry and exploration, transformation, integration and joyful empowerment. Her private practice is in Western Massachusetts where she specializes in working with women through embodied health and healing, children and infants, and clients in rehabilitation or with specialized needs. She and her husband, Dr. Mark Tanny, provide in-depth healing treatments for personal health transformation and increased relational and partnering harmony, at their Woodland Temple home in Conway, MA.


Passionate Pelvic Rhythms & Pleasure: Honoring and Discovering our pelvic pulsations, together we will connect to the Mother Gaia Earth by grounding and rooting deeply, exploring the support foundation of our energy body - the pelvic floor platform of pleasure. By reaching and directing our awareness towards Mother Earth, we will practice receiving and opening to the fluid rhythms of vulnerability, exploring power and improvisational sexy spatial inner and outer rhythms. We will explore the relationship of the pleasure centers in the feet in dialogue with the opening of balanced pelvic root alignment. Come join in with your desire for more joy and playfulness in this pelvic ecstatic, expanding experience. Please dress up your pelvis for your expressive pelvic pulsating movements.

Dancing our God/Goddess In the Garden of Eden: This class builds on the foundation of the earth connection we explored in Passionate Pelvic Rhythms & Pleasure, thou not a required class for participation.

In this class, together, we will activate our pelvic pulsations and cultivate the balanced relationship to our heart centers. Nourishing both of these power centers of earth and sky - we will welcome our authentic rhythms of pleasure to ripple thru our central channel - inviting in the spinal serpentine movements into the blissful god/goddess oasis in your own body. We will hold a supportive container of Eden magic for desire-filled sacred sensual authentic movement expression and balanced interaction between divine feminine and masculine. Daring God and Goddess sexy attire encouraged.



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