THE BELTANE • April 27-May 1, 2016

A Very Preliminary Class List!

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Presenters and Classes

Amy Sinatra • Sensual Full-Body Movement

Beth & Preston • Pleasing Your Partner: The Joys of Hands and Feet
 Sensual Massage
Map Your Partner
Play with Intent -OR- Playing With Our Own Strangers

Christine • Singing Through Sex
Chakra & Life Development
How to Find Sex Positive Providers
Praying With Music

Cooper • Blue Star Beltane Ritual

Dirty Mother & the Scarlet Den • Living Goddess Temple
True Consent: Womyn, Submission, and Self-Love
Devotees of the Quadesh Temple
The Invocation of the Sacred Quadishtu

-Iya- • Sadistic Massage: It’s Good For You!
Developing Compersion and Kindness in Multi-faceted Relationships

IP Cookiemonster • Opening Ritual
Main Ritual - The Origin of Love

Kate • You Want to Do What? or, BDSM 101
Driving Toward Ecstasy VI
Healing and Hot Wax

Lola • See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me
Cuddle Party

Lord Percival • Dancing the Maypole
Beating in Service
Rope Dance

Monika Lonely Coyote • Soul Retrieval for Survivors of Sexual & Relationship Abuse

Monique Darling • Releasing Shame and Guilt
Intro to Energetic Sex
Foundations of Ecstasy: Conscious Partnered Touch and Play

Monique Darling & Peter Peterson • Evening of Ecstasy
Constructing Extraordinary Threesomes

MonsignorX • The Gentleman Surrenders to the Lady, or: Strong and Functional Male Submission
Ordeal & Spirituality

Sabrina Mari & Michael • Learning to Stay (in Love): Maintaining Mindful Connections in Your Romantic Relationships
Mindful Kissing and Foreplay

Sacred Mark Sanctuary • Sacred Fire Circles, Friday and Saturday Nights

Sam Hartman & Kat W. • Exploring Topping Hands-on

Sam Stranjbird • Risking Connection: Setting Intent for Intimacy At Events
Aftercare is Not Afterthought: Getting Your Needs Met Before and After Play

Sarah Taub & Michael Rios • Merry Meet - Jumpstarting Intimacy
Polyamory as a Spiritual Path
Beyond Secondaries & Metamours: Nurturing a Poly Network
Curiosity, Transparency, Intimacy: Tools for Creating a Win/Win Connection

Stacey • Self Love into Self Confidence: The Power of Touch

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