New for 2013

  • Even more sacred than before: Our large group rituals at Beltane are back and better than ever! With a new ritual team and a great theme--The Beltane Connection: The Lovers, The Dreamers and You--we are looking forward to an even more sacred event than ever before. So don't miss them! Starting with the Opening Ritual on Wednesday, the Maypole on Friday and the Main Ritual on Saturday, and the Closing Ritual Sunday morning before you head for home, you'll have plenty of spiritual juice after this event!
  • Private Housing: Because of the wild popularity of the private rooms in the White House in 2012, we will be continuing them in 2013. These rooms are $90 each for the duration of the event and can house at least 2 people. They have doors that close and a lot of privacy, plus the bathrooms are used by far fewer people. We think you'll agree these rooms are a great deal. Grab them quick. They sold out completely last year.
  • New Bathrooms and beds: Speaking of bathrooms, the camp staff has been hard at work, and they tell me the rest of the cabin bathrooms will be completely renovated for 2013. I'm also told that all of the beds will be new for 2013. Exciting!
  • T-shirt Presales: You can pre-order your Beltane Connection t-shirts when you register for the event. These shirts will be pre-order only, so be sure to add them to your registration.
  • Coffee Club: The Coffee Club was such a hit that we've decided to continue it for 2013, but at a better price. You pay for it in the pre-registration (it's not available on-site) at a rate of $15 and you get a gorgeous thermal travel coffee cup with our Beltane Connection logo on it and all the coffee or tea you can drink for the duration of the event. We have a Keurig system which is easy to use and allows you to brew each cup fresh. We'll provide unlimited coffee (decaf and regular), tea (herbal, black and an assortment of others) and hot chocolate throughout the event. The only catch is you must use your new cup to make your coffee or tea (that's how we can tell you've paid!). We'll also provide half and half and skim milk, rice milk, honey, splenda and sugar. As a reminder, the Coffee Club is available for pre-registration ONLY. The Keurig will be available 24 hours a day.
  • Playspace Improvements: Our equipment has been upgraded and made stronger in response to comments and suggestions. In addition, we've added a new playspace called the Heavy Play Space. This space is for scenes which would be disruptive to other scenes in the regular Playspace. For example, if your scene is likely to be very loud or perhaps disruptive in other ways, you are encouraged to consider taking your play here. There is no safety team on duty in this space, so it is strictly play at your own risk. Please take advantage of it, and know that we will be heating it if the weather warrants.
  • Raffle: We are holding a raffle again this year to raise money to allow people who can't afford it to attend our event. Last year, we raised enough to bring three people to the event for free! Let's see if we can top that this year. Lots of great things to win! Just $1 a ticket, and you can pre-purchase them. For every $10, you get as many tickets as can go around your chest or up your inseam. Pay now and pick them up at check in. As easy as that!

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