Something good? Something Bad? A bit of Both!

You're invited to be a part of the most sacred sexuality event in the country. For more than a decade, we've brought together people from all walks of life who believe that sex is sacred for a long weekend of fun, learning, laughter, love, ritual and ecstasy.

We are known for our fantastic rituals and workshops on everything sensual, sexual and sacred. You'll find experiences both ecstatic and practical and opportunities to connect on the deepest levels with others of a like mind.

There's something for everyone. Bring your favorite loving activities to our playground. From flirting to intercourse, from sacred connection to bondage, everything you love to do is available here for you. We embrace all sexualities. We are a pansexual gathering with attendees from every type of gender identification and sexual orientation. Our large group rituals help shape an event you'll never forget.

If you are a shy beginner in the shiny world of sacred sex or a veteran practitioner, you've come to the right place! Our community is welcoming and accepting and always happy to extend a loving hand to newcomers, yet challenging and interesting to the most seasoned folks. You'll find what you're looking for here.

Laugh, Love, Learn...

One of the best things about THE's Beltane is our wonderful presenters. Bringing you the best from around the country is part of our drive to make this event the best one you'll go to all year. And our presenters really get it--you're there to enjoy yourself while you learn. You'll have a great time at their presentations. And the small class sizes will ensure you get personal attention.

Bring a partner (or three!) if you like, or come on your own. Lots of singles come to our event. And it's easy to meet people, with our classes, meals, and other events, we do our best to make event the shyest newcomer feel welcome.

See you there!


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